Shutter control hardwired

Although remote controlled shutter are becoming evermore popular hardwired operation is still the preferred solution for most contractors. Shellcast can provide various equipment to control shutters to a clients requirements and conform to CE regulations.

The most basic internal operation of a shutter is via a momentary switch. A momentary switch means that the shutter will only operate while the up or down button is being depressed. alt

Two shutters can be operated from a single location with  a plate that has two switches.
This can be continued up to 16 switches. alt
You may wish to control multiple shutters from a single switch. This can be achieved with our group command unit. This unit can also has individual switches and master switch locations wired.

The group command can also receive a signal from 24v signal to operate the shutter either up or downwards.
Secured operation: Our key switch maybe used for internal or external use, this limits the operation control to trained personnel and restricts general public use.
This is a strong recommendation for operation of a shutter over a fire door exit, this ensures that the shutter remains in the designated position. The keys provide can be suited .

Two shutter: This key switch is also available in a dual operation.