Shutters remote controlled

Shellcast can offer an extensive range of remote controlled solutions for roller shutters. The benefits of remote controlled shutters easily surpass that of hardwired. For example: a lot of clients once occupying a build will find that the control locations and or grouping of shutters differ to what was original though, with remote control a simple reprogramming of wall mounted switches or handsets will over come this. If an additional switch is required for a shutter its as simple as programming the hand set or wall switch. 

The amount of physical wiring is greatly reduced thus the cost of wiring reduced and less connections that may break down.


Telis 1 RTS

Single channel radio handset.
Controls a single product (awning, blind) or a group of products simultaneously.
Raise, lower and stop functions, and favourite << my >> position.
Battery powered.
Choice of 4 finishes (Pure, Silver, Lounge and Patio)

Telis 4 RTS

Multi-channel radio handset.
To control several RTS applications, individually or as a group.
Raise, lower and stop functions, and favourite << my >> position.
Battery powered.
Choice of 4 finishes (Pure, Silver, Lounge and Patio).

Telis Composio RTS

Create groups of products and control them individually or as a group.
Remote handset to control your motorised applications according to zones in the home (ground floor, upstairs, lounge, wind or sun, etc.) and access points (gate, garage).
All the products assigned to a group move up or down or take up a favourite position simultaneously.
The sun function can be controlled for each group.
Use the LCD screen to check each group at a glance.
Choice of 2 finishes (Silver and Lounge).
Battery powered.

RTS wireless keypad

Keypad operation for secure access.
2 channel radio keypad - you can control up to 2 applications (gate and garage door).
1 main code and 4 secondary codes for multiple users.
4 to 6 digit security code.
No wiring - battery powered with illuminated keypad.
Low battery level warning.

Altus 50 RTS

Motor with integrated radio control.
A versatile multi-purpose motor that can be used with numerous applications (roller shutters, awnings, vertical blinds, etc.).
Electronic limit switch unit with limit positions pre-programmed by a RTS control.


Manual over-ride motor with integrated radio receiver.
The over-ride unit allows you to operate the product manually (usually with a crank) in the event of a power cut.

Oximo RTS

Motor with integrated radio control.
Designed for all types of roller shutter.
Automatically evaluates the shutter stop positions for precise opening and closing every time.
Intelligent functions include motor and frost protection.
Does not force the shutter if it is jammed.
Can be pre-programmed with "my" favourite position.

IR 3 infrared sensor

Neat and unobtrusive, it is connected to a Somfy IR control unit to provide IR control of a motorised application.
The control unit can be hidden away with only the sensor visible.

General infrared remote control

8-channel infrared remote control.
Individual control of 8 blinds with buttons for zonal and group control.
Battery powered.