Steel doors
Stainless steel offers the most striking and impressive finish to a contemporary steel doorset. Shellcast are able to offer stainless steel doors in a wide variety of patterns and colours.
Constructed to Shellcast’s exacting standards our stainless steel doors are not only functional but also add a definite design statement to any project. The latest finishes and patterns can offer a unique signature to a building whilst still utilising
the inherent benefits of a steel door; no rotting, no mould growth and no hiding place for vermin or insects.
Working closely with the leading stainless steel manufacturers, we can offer a full design service to ensure that the doors you require will be exactly as you want them. We can also offer a full installation service through our national network of approved installers.
Shellcast stainless steel doors are intended to offer that little bit extra to enhance your design scheme. In the past, stainless steel has been seen as a functional material suitable for food preparation areas, toilets, corrosive environments, utilitarian public areas etc. Now, with the beauty of the material as the emphasis, it is possible to use the material in striking and inventive ways not possible previously. It is even possible to incorporate a logo into the design of the doorset.
The range of finishes available include:
Textured patterns produced by a unique cold rolling process to create 3 dimensional patterns.
Embossed patterns on stainless steel.
The Colourtex TM range of stainless steel.
RIMEX Super Mirror.
Bead Blasting
Etched finishes representing state of the art surface finishing technology enabling
standard and bespoke designs to be etched into stainless steel, brass
and other architectural materials.
The flexibility of our bespoke manufacturing service means that doors
can be manufactured for areas you may not normally consider
steel doors for. The attractive finishes available in the
stainless steel range allows doors to be used throughout a
project rather than being confined to the exterior or
public areas of a building.


Standard steel doors:


From fire escape doors to sophisticated access controlled entry systems, steel doors are replacing traditional wooden doors in many applications. With the advent of good quality, durable and attractive veneers and laminates into the market the inherent benefits of steel: strength, security and durability can be merged with the aesthetic design appeal of timber to offer doors that can protect from fire and theft whilst also withstanding the day to day rigours of the 21st century without rusting, warping or rotting and also withstand infestation from vermin and insects.


Fire doors:

The Shellcast FireDoor-60 fire resistant steel door is designed to protect personnel and property from the spread of flames and smoke for up to
1 hour. The doors are designed to be fitted in internal applications in a variety of wall constructions. The doors are suitable for any building type where fire protection is paramount. Our steel door construction can offer inherent benefits above and beyond that expected from traditional timber doors; strength, security and durability extended fire resistance. They will not warp,rot or support infestation by vermin or insects. With our FireDoor-60 version we offer a traditional unlatched design

Each and every door is custom made. The maximum size is 1250mm wide as a single and 2500mm as a double
with a maximum height for each of 2500mm in a single leaf ( This does not include overpanels etc) with infill panels
for taller ones. The doors can also be supplied with side or overpanels which can be glazed, solid or louvred.

Designed & Tested to Protect

At Shellcast we take testing and third party assessment and validation
of the performance of our fire resisting doors as of the utmost
Our Shellcast FireDoor-60 is based on our Shellcast FireDoor-120 door which has been tested in the
United Kingdom to BS 476 Part 20 & 22 at WFRC test report WARRES No
This original test data has been re-assessed by FRS part or BRE. Through
these FRS assessments we believe that we have one of the technically
best supported products available in the UK market. Our current documentation
FRS Assessment CC 213838
Covering General Performance and Size Validity
FRS Assessment CC 215713 & CC216884
Covering Vision & Louvre Panel Performance and
Size Validity
FRS Assessment CC 90983
Covering stainless steel door construction


Standard RAL & BS colours

RAL 9016 White
RAL 9005 Black
RAL 9006 Metallic Silver
BS 10 A 05 Goosewing Grey
BS 18 B 25 Merlin Grey
BS 12 B 27 Olive Green
RAL 6002 Heritage Green
BS 18 E 53 Solent Blue
RAL 5010 Royal Blue
RAL 5003 Britannia Blue
RAL 3004 Burgundy
BS 04 E 53 Poppy Red
BS 10 C 31 Honesty Cream
BS 08 B 29 Vandyke Brown