Built in shutters

Please note that is not out Lintel system and does not include a structural steel lintel with spans upto 8000mm

The Shellcast system 1 extruded aluminium slat is for higher security domestic use and medium security for commercial, retail and counter/cabinet applications. For applications up to 3000mm wide when electrically operated.

  • Shellcast's CD38 Strong extruded aluminium slat
  • For higher security domestic, medium security office/commercial use
  • Spans widths up to 3000mm
  • Can be mixed with CD38 p & s for partial vision


Min Width: 720mm
Max Width x Height 3000mm x 4000mm
Max Area: 10.4sqm
Material: Extruded Aluminium / 8kg/m²

Operation (Max Area M2)

  • Single Phase Electric Operation (12)
  • Manual Spring/Hand Assisted (7)
  • Rod Crank (3.5)