At Shellcast we have produced three levels of security shutter ranging from level one to three.

Level 1: aluminium slat shutter up to 5000mm width and 5000mm height.
With light grade tools that is considered for an opportunist attack and general vandalism.
This exceeds 1 minuet of attack time over a test period of 5 minutes.
Shellcast is the only shutter manufacturer in the UK that is proud to offer punched or perforated aluminium shutters that achieve level one.

Level 2:  aluminium slat up to 5000mm width and 5000mm height.
With medium duty tools that could be used for attack with intent.
This exceeds 3 minuets continuous attack time over a 10 minuet test period.

Level 3: Aluminium slat up to 4000mm width and 3000mm height.
With power tool for professional attack situations.
This exceeds 5 minutes of continuous attack time over a 20 minuet test period.
Shellcast are proud to be the only shutter manufacture in the UK to offer a level three shutter in aluminium.
This level of shutter combined with secured window or doors and a police response alarm system is considered the
 ultimate security system available today on the market.